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Electrical work is not a hobby! Our Electricians have seen enough hack jobs to burn down a city. We are not saying this to scare you, just for you to realize there is more to electrical work then just making it work, you must also make it safe!
When it comes to electrical work if you are not sure DON'T DO IT and if you are sure where did your information come from? We have learned from our experience that just meeting code is not always the best way. Do you know enough to be dangerous?
With that said we know their are some of you that will still tackle your own small electrical jobs. If we can't stop you we hope to teach you the safe way.
Check out the stuff below and don't get in over your head, if you do, call us. We don't charge more to fix your mistakes, however it might take longer then if you just called us first.
If your house was built in the last 15-20 years there is a good chance your devices are back-wired. Back-wiring is a short cut method and a poor electrical connection. We consider it not safe due to the overheating it causes.
Below is the right and wrong way to connect devices.

The receptacle above is "back wired"  This is a short cut method and will cause problems. Why the code still allows it is beyond us. The only connection is pressure from a piece of spring type metal.
 A loose electrical connection creates heat. Above you can see how the heat turned the white wires black. Our electricians have had countless service calls due to "back wired" devices. Does this look safe?
The above receptacle is wired the proper way to ensure the best electrical connection possible. Using the screws takes more time, Unfortunately that is why alot of electricians "back-wire" devices to "save time". This is seen alot in new construction.
Have you ever done this? This is a dead give away of knowing enough to be dangerous. Question: What is the purpose of the tape? To hold the wire nut on? If so you have a poor connection and the tape will not fix it. Maybe it was taped because there was copper showing below the wire nut! Again there was an improper splice made here.
Above you see a proper splice before you install the wire nut. The wires should ALWAYS be twisted before the wire nut is installed. The wire nut applies more pressure to your electrical connection. There is also such a thing as good and bad wire nuts. Proper connection with stranded wire coming soon.