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There are many misconceptions about generator systems.

Here is a basic overview of a standby system. 

Standby systems:


1- Contain a transfer system that automatically starts up generator and transfers power.

2- Can power your whole house or individual circuits.

3- Run on natural gas or propane.

4- Are inclosed in a weather tight enclosure.

5- Exercise automatically every week.

6- Generator sized according to your needs.

7- Is a permanent system that adds value to home.

8- Are more expensive then manual systems.

Besure to check out this video on how a standyby system works.   HOW THEY WORK
Above is Generac's 7KW Corepower unit.
Below is a 17KW Generac Guardian.

Below you can see that the generator control and power wires were installed under the existing sidewalk.
An automatic generator will not only provide you with electricity during a power outage. It will provide you security and peace of mind during the times you have power.
Why Generac?  Watch this video to find out about Generac's OHVI motor. A motor built for generator use.  OHVI MOTOR
Below is an installation of a 100 amp automatic transfer switch (far left). The customers electrical panels were flush mounted. We cut the drywall above to enable us to run all wiring in the wall. With a little patch work they will have a clean looking installation.
The previous sub-panel above was a 16 space panel. (far right) We replaced it with a 24 space panel. (below) This allowed us to relocate all circuits to be backed up by generator to this new panel.