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Does your 20-50 year old house still have its original electrical service?  If so you are probably in need of a new one or at least in need of a look over.
The exterior of your electrical service is exposed to all the elements and should be checked out frequently for damage. Here we will show you some things to look for.

To the left is an old meter base, note how it is round. Newer style bases are rectangular in shape. Also note the cloth covered cable, newer cables are made of plastic sheathing. If your house has a round meter base or cloth covered cable you are overdue for an electrical service.

This is what most of those bases look like inside. It is only a matter of time before they fail. Notice the rust on the lugs. These bases are also too small for todays standards.

Here we see a gray putty called duct seal at the top of the meter base. This seal is very important. If you don't have this seal or it is dried out and cracked, you could be getting water in your electrical panel.

Here we see the affects the sun has on service cable. The bottom of the cable was under the duct seal protected from the sun. Note how the plastic became so brittle it cracked and made a perfect entrance for water. Your cable should feel soft and pliable not brittle.

You should check the base and cable to make sure everything is attached to the wall. Pay attention to the anchor holding the triplex (Arial line from house to pole).
In this picture the anchor was ripped out from a tree falling on the triplex. You see the service cable is supporting the triplex.

When possible we recommend installing the service riser in P.V.C. conduit. This method eliminates the upper service cable and the need for duct seal.

What you have is a service that will last for a long time and not allow water to penetrate at the top of the base.