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In 1978 after years of wiring houses in the city of Harrisburg Jack Mixon decided to start J.S. Mixon Electric. Working out of a pick-up truck with limited tools and little advertising meant a hard road ahead. Dedicated to making it work and the fact that he had a growing family he pressed on. He was able to hire help in 1979. Tim Robison a graduate from Dauphin County Vo-tech. Tim is still with us today, as well as alot of our customers thru the years. We believe our Honesty, Safe Electrical Methods and Friendly Service are the reason so many customers pass our name on.

Thru the years J.S. Mixon Electric has taken on a variety of electrical projects from small restaurants, old houses built in the late 1700s to wiring  apartment buildings. In the late 1980s we had over 15 employees. But as time went on we reverted back to the small family-like business with 4 employees. In 1993 Tom Mixon a graduate from Dauphin County Vo-tech and the owners son started in the business and Patty the owners wife takes care of secretary duties. We are located in Linglestown just outside of Harrisburg.

 Tim and Tom drive the vans with the tools and talent to fix your electrical needs or add your electrical wants to your home.

With 3 electricians having over 70 years of combined experience you'll be in capable hands. At the same time we are not too proud to let you know when your job is not our expertise and to do our best to send you in the right direction to get your problem solved.

Rewiring existing homes is our specialty. We enjoy the challenge and take pride in the results.
This picture is taken at the Art Association of Harrisburg when they remodeled their kitchen in 2011.
Below is a replacement of (2) 200 amp service panels. The quality of workmanship seen is from a mix of experience and taking pride in our work. Expect nothing less from J.S. Mixon Electric because we value the integrity of our reputation.